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Enterprise Resource Planning

The absence of prompt and convenient access to data on company activity makes it impossible to effectively plan any business processes. Up-to-date tools enable key processes optimization: production, logistics, sales and purchases, human resources management, finance and project management.

Advantages of the ERP system:

  • increase of the company competitiveness due to integration of smart and flexible business processes
  • reduction of time-to-market for innovation and customized products and services
  • simplified management of enterprise structure, distribution channels and business scenarios
  • increased quality of application of corporate resources and assets, growing customers’ satisfaction
  • single basis for application of such modern technologies as mobile and cloud technologies and in-memory calculations
  • well-tried and tested business support mechanisms in over 25 spheres in 37 languages and with 45 localized versions.

Andrey Mityukov

Head of Department of introduction ERP systems, Moscow

Solution Replication

Implementation of enterprise management systems in Russian and CIS branches is considered as one of the essential tasks for international companies. In order to reduce risk of incompatibility of solution with corporate template and to successfully implement the system in any enterprise it is necessary to engage consultants to get the product localized according to the country specifics (with due consideration of unique business requirements and differences in legislation).

Investment Management

Investment management process is based on SAP PPM and aimed at formation and effective use of investment resources. It includes functions of support of planning processes, investment and financing.


The service Financial Management based on SAP ERP was developed in order to implement single accounting policy in routine operations automation and mass data processing system as well as to ensure compliance with standards.

Payments and Treasury

Treasury and Cash Management based on SAP ERP is a system for treasury automation, which makes it possible to manage the company cashflow, liquidity, credit and financial risks. The system is intended to solve tasks for the most effective use of funds and to ensure the liquidity degree required for settlements.


A special SAP solution was developed, which will allow for systemization and synchronization of planning, distribution and transportation processes, provide for optimum inventory, movement and maintenance of cash and product flows and performance of other logistics operations, making the enterprise fully operational.

ABAP-Development Services

ABAP-development ensures functionality for integrated enterprise management – from administrative to operating activity. We also offer technical review in order to select the most optimal and functional solution to suit your purposes.