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Transformation sub-system is purposed to automate the process of converting Financial Statements from RSA to IFRS. It includes RSA trial balance transfer to the IFRS accounts, automatic and manual organizing of transformation registers through separate accounting sections, and calculation of transformation corrections.

Consolidation sub-system is purposed to perform both accounting and management statements consolidation for a Group of companies. Following procedures are applied: elimination of intragroup balances, applying reclassificational and transformational corrections, capital consolidation, reclassification and allocation of additional reporting forms, manual submission of reclassificational and transformational corrections.

Dmitry Shatalov

Head of Consolidation Department

Main advantages:

  • Ability to use unified tool for reports compilation according to different standards (consolidated reports according to national standards, IFRS statements, US GAAP financial statements, management accounting);
  • Ability to use single data model for consolidation and budget planning;
  • Ability to customize various transformation rules for different business units;
  • Multiple data verification;
  • Enabling users to create their own business-reports in the system;
  • Possibility to connect additional data sources quickly;
  • Ability to perform additional adjustment settings;
  • Audit data tracking;
  • Web-interface: access to all system objects available for the user: input forms, reports and procedures;
  • Excel-interface: input forms and reports are configured the same way;
  • Forms can be interactive - data is transferred in both directions.