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Mobile Applications Development

Our approach to mobile applications development is to accomplish an entire work cycle required to create a "turnkey" mobile application: beginning from the application concept development, design creation for a certain type of device, target architecture formation of the mobile applications, providing secure access system to data from the mobile device and up to integration with your information landscape systems.

Our company, having extensive experience in the complex IT systems construction, will develop a mobile application as well as help to create a complex mobile strategy for your business that will include all aspects of the mobile services, both within the company and beyond.

In addition to customized and "turnkey” mobile application development we offer a package of ready-to-run mobile applications in the B2E segment. These applications will allow you to increase the effectiveness of your internal processes significantly with minimal costs. To learn more view section Solution.

Oleg Bachurin

Head of mobile solutions

Mobile devices are actively integrated into companies’ processes, the number of business applications and mobile devices increases. Employees bring their devices to the workplace (policy BYOD - Bring Your Own Device) and gain access to secure corporate information.

"Mobilization" of the enterprises inevitably leads to emergence of problems related to integration and safety. On the one hand we have a lot of business systems, on the other - a varied park of devices. Information must be transmitted quickly and safely.

SAP Mobile Platform Solution allows us to solve a number of problems:

Integration - during development and deployment the platform allows you to connect to disparate data sources and business systems, with the possibility of data cashing for fast delivery

Development - The platform includes tools for rapid development of client applications for various platforms

Monitoring - SAP Control Center allows you to control the deployed applications, server environment, security access and data transfer

Providing data – platform functionality allows you to work with mobile applications data both online and offline. Access to the data may be obtained using all modern mobile devices.

The ability of obtaining data from various business systems through connectors (SAP JCo, JDBC) and standardized interfaces (REST and SOAP web services)

Support for all lead mobile OS, code generation to accelerate the client application development (Objective-C for iOS, Java for Android and Blackberry, C# for the .NET Framework)