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Predictive analytics and Data Mining

Predictive analysis is future events prognoses performed with the help of a variety of techniques and models. Mapping current and historical events analysis onto such techniques and models allow one effectively to:

  • find new and useful knowledge in large volumes of data (the most successful combinations of products for cross-selling),
  • reveal trends and build forecasts (Sales forecast for next season),
  • predict the most likely outcomes of specified events (Would the customer stay or leave?)

The forecast analytics is a new trend that will open opportunities for business and switch it to a higher level of quality.

Pavel Shchavelev

Head of BI Department

What problems are solved and what are the advantages?

Predictive analytics will help not only to make more weighted and better decisions, but also to participate inth e deliberate business management as well as to set the direction of its development.

Predictive analytics methods can be used in retail, telecommunications, energy, financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation and other fields. It is important to note that the success of the implementation of each individual task requires serious methodological elaboration, taking into account both the features of the industry and the solution’s objectives. A detailed analysis of all aspects of the task will lead to more accurate results, expected in the future.

Using predictive analytics, you can get:

  • An advantage over competitors due to the "forecasting" few steps forward;
  • Time for prevention of upcoming events,
  • High customer loyalty (and retaining customers) due to an individual approach, as a result - increased profitability,
  • Identification of outlying cases to prevent fraudulent operations or other possible threats, etc.

Today SAP is one of the leaders in predictive analytics for big data. SAP solutions are convenient and easy to use, and at the same time are very functional and designed for experienced analysts who develop and evaluate models. In combination with highly-efficient HANA data base management system SAP predictive analytics tools help to achieve the highest performance indicators for companies with large volumes of accumulated data.

The systems implementation based on the freely-distributed products (R, Python). The alternative, which requires lower initial costs for customers. This approach allows you to get maximum flexibility while achieving performance targets.