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Enterprise Data Warehouse

Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) is a solution for large data volumes consolidation, management and storage, obtained from different source systems (accounting and transactional systems). BI provides immediate data access through data marts, enabling accuracy, completeness and consistency of information.

EDW is designed to store various data types concerning company’s business-processes. EDW is usually based on “single truth” principle and provides access to wide data variety for company’s business users.

Iliya Mukovoz

Head of SAP BW department

EDW includes the following functionalities:

  • Data extraction, conversion and import to EDW
  • Data storage
  • Data processing (calculations, data aggregation and cleaning)
  • Data quality control
  • Providing data for reporting and external systems through data marts
  • EDW often supports transformation function for charts of accounts. For example, receiving IFRS standards reporting.

EDW advantages

  • EDW provides the efficiency improvement of management decision-making through increasing the data reliability and decreasing the data acquisition time.
  • EDW makes it possible to receive up-to-date reports regularly in an automatic mode and with the required detalization.
  • Labour costs reduced and report development time decreased since all the necessary information is available in EDW data marts.

EDW strategies

The best practice of building EDW systems is LSA Architecture (Layered Scalable Architecture). The standard LSA architecture includes several data layers that separate data marts from their sources. This architecture provides transparency, flexibility, scalability, expandability and simplicity of data warehouse support.

Project Experience

SAPRUN Company implements analytical solutions based on SAP platform since 2008 and has an extended expertise in the area of corporate data warehouse and analytical reporting system implementation.. Among our EDW solution customers are outstanding and widely known companies:

  • SAEC "Rosatom"
  • JSC “Gazprom”
  • JSC “SUEK”
  • JSC “KTZ”
  • Mareven Foods