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SAPRUN has a team of more than 50 highly skilled software developers. Offering the development of the best solutions, we use the latest Open Source technologies, like Python, C++, PostgreSQL, Django, Twisted, Tornado, Redis and others.

We have gained extensive expertise in development of applications that require deep integration in SAP systems. SAPRUN development team provides a full range of development outsourcing services in SAP HANA, SAPUI5 and ABAP.

Our offices are located in Eastern Europe, which is a kind of pool of IT experts. Being an expert team, we are able to offer our customers cost-effective solutions and information technologies services.

Pavel Lipanov

Head of Development Team

Development according to Agile approach

We stick to the flexible techniques of development in our work as most of our projects are commercial. The main characteristic of commercial projects is dynamic forming of requirements, where Agile is absolutely appropriate.

A large project gives a client the opportunity to pay for several steps and to understand in course of the work that he will receive exactly what he wants for a reasonable price on time. Waterfall models (with the use of specifications and technical tasks) do not provide these opportunities.

The customer always has the opportunity to monitor the course of development, to correct functions of the project, to test or launch it, even stop it at any moment.

We pay special attention to such Agile approaches as Kanban and Scrum.

We use Kanban concept when:

  • tasks of the project are connected with research;
  • our company has not worked with specific project tasks before.

Scrum techniques are used by our team for existing and long-standing projects as well as for performing typical tasks which have been solved many times before.