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HTML5 Business Applications

SAPRUN Company develops business applications for individual customer needs. Analytical applications developed on HTML5 technology allow employees to receive important information about the company’s performance in any place and at any time with the possibility of further analysis and strategically correct decision-making.

HTML5 advantages are obvious

HTML5 technology has an adaptive design - the concept that takes into account device’s form factor while maintaining a single interface. This allows running the application on any device: smartphone, tablet PC, desktop.

Oleg Bachurin

Head of mobile solutions

HTML5 provides a balance between limited budget, task complexity and business needs in rapid applications and processes mobilization. Any type of applications - analytical, transactional or composite - can be developed on the basis of HTML5 technology. Integration with different data sources is possible via standardized interfaces.

UI5 applications meet business requirements

  • Quick and easy applications mobilization
  • Business applications match the concept of the user-friendly system
  • Ergonomic interface both on mobile devices and desktops
  • Managers use intuitive and easy to use interface for the requests approval and access to services from anywhere
  • Users, who approve requests and are not always at the workplace, are able to respond for requests without delay
  • Users who rarely use the applications, do not spend much time and effort for understanding how to use them