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The new project baced on the innovative system SAP BPC 11 is started.

The project of automation of the annual budgeting system of the Steel-Industrial Company, one of the largest suppliers and processors of metal products, divisions and branches of which are located in 48 cities of Russia, was launched. According to Forbes magazine, Steel-Industrial Company is among the 200 largest companies in Russia, accounting for 5% of the Russian metal consumption market.

The contractor is SAPRUN. The key tasks assigned to the SAPRUN project team are to dramatically shorten the timeframe for the company annual budget formation, and lay the foundation for the operational budgeting and the application campaign implementation in future.

The project will be implemented on the basis of the innovative system SAP BPC 11 (Business Planning and Consolidation). Despite the challenges to the project due to the novelty of the product, the SAPRUN team has every chance to become the first SAP partner in Russia to implement BPC 11. As part of the project, SAP included the Steel-Industrial Company in Early Adopter Care program, which implies direct contact with the immediate developers and experts of this system generation.