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SAPRUN Price Optimization solition - finalist of the SAP Coder 2017

To participate in the contest it was necessary to choose one or several objectives representing a real business task and demonstrate its solution by creating a business application based on SAP Cloud Platform and using SCP services. The SAP Cloud Platform is SAP's innovative open cloud platform, offering digital services for the Internet of things, machine learning, predictive analytics and other advanced business scenarios.

For the contest, we presented the SAPRUN Price Optimization solution, transferred to the SAP Cloud platform, which allows using a scientific approach to optimizing pricing to make a profit without additional investments in product promotion - to manage the price based on data on elasticity.

According to the criteria "Functionality", "User Interface" and "Originality", our price optimizer was recognized as one of the best in the nomination "The solution transferred to the SAP Cloud Platform" and on June 28 at the final event - the Finale of SAP Coder 2017 and the awards ceremony in Moscow - we presented the decision to the Organizing Committee and the jury, including Rolf Schumann, the vice president of platform and innovation SAP SE.

As a result of the high evaluation of our solution, we have not only received an annual access to the SAP Cloud Platform, but also the opportunity to promote our solution on the SAP App Center and SAP Forum 2018 platforms.