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New mobile inventory management system in JSC "KAMAZ".

Growth in output in KAMAZ at the end of 2016 required the optimization of warehouse business processes: the management faced with the task of increasing the capacity of the warehouse for picking generation cab assembly conveyor parts K4 (5490) at least 15%.

SAPRUN company proposed to implement a set of solutions that would simplify and automate the process of "Acceptance and placement", including excluding work with paper sheets from it. The components of the solution are: a mobile platform (HyperHive), a mobile inventory management system for TSD (data collection terminals), ERP system data sources (SAP WMS) and a system technical infrastructure (STI).

The project was launched in December 2016. At the stage of functional design, the SAPRUN team developed a design and prototype for the future mobile application. As a solution, the HyperHive mobile platform was used in conjunction with the Motorola 9590 TSD. The development of the application "Mobile inventory management system" for data collection terminals, including functional and integration testing, was completed by April 2017 and in June the application Representatives of the interfunctional project group from PJSC KAMAZ and CJSC SAPRUN Group successfully launched the project into pilot operation.

The main benefit for KAMAZ from the introduction of changes was the speed increasing of acceptance and placement of inventory, as well as keeping records of completed operations in real time with their logging in the information system. The SAPRUN team managed to implement a mobile application in a record time with seamless integration with the SAP system. A distinctive feature of the solution is that it solves the problem of working in areas with incomplete coverage of the Wi-Fi.

The result of the platform implementation is increasing the performance of acceptance and storage operations by 17% per shift.