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Here you may find SAPRUN news and read articles and interviews of our experts.

6 November 2017
SAPRUN automates the annual budgeting system of the "Steel-Industrial Company".
4 August 2017
The highest status of partnership is received
3 August 2017
Results of the pilot implementation: increasing speed of warehouse operations by 17%
5 July 2017
CNewsAnalytics rating "BI 2017 rating" published
28 June 2017
SAPRUN became the winner of the first SAP CIS online competition for individual developers, teams and development companies - SAP Coder 2017.
2 June 2017
The CNews rating "The largest developers of mobile applications for business and government agencies of 2016"
10 March 2017
The complex of IT-projects "Renovation" luanched in InFinBank. The main contractor selected SAPRUN.
21 December 2016
The project executed by SAPRUN for URALCHEM received the Bronze Award in the "Business Transformation" category.
25 April 2016
The 3rd conference for Python developers took place on Neva river on April 23.
20 March 2016
The experts from SAPRUN presented their speech at international exhibition MobileTech, that tok place in Munich on March 15, 2016.